DAISY Winners


Estella (Stel) Spretzel
Cardiac Cath Lab and Heart & Vascular Institute

Estella (Stel) Spretzel is a very compassionate and competent nurse. She visits with patients and families to assure all theirneeds are being met. She exudes TrueCare standards in her daily practice by providing quality care and being a team player.





Colleen Rodgers
Cardiac Care

Colleen Rodgers is what a “Nurse” should be. She is a role model for our profession and what it stands for!

On a daily basis she is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and conscientious of patients, families and staff!

Besides thanking her for their care while here; during our call backs, patients have complimented her by giving her name, on how much more relaxed they were prior to and after their heart caths or being less concerned about being treated in the hold room. Just knowing they were going to get the best care makes for a remarkable patient experience.

She is able to make educated judgment calls when dealing with critical care patients. Cardiac care is dependent on staff that can make emergent decisions. From the hold room to the cath lab Colleen provides exceptional care. We use conscious sedation frequently and have to cardiovert patients in a safe manner. Education to the patient and family is essential in providing the best care. If you know that you are going to be “shocked” and know your heart is going to stop for that moment, its scary and Colleen is able to support both the patient and the family with this procedure. She is able to educate and answer all concerns.

She stepped up to the plate and helped with an interim management position Cath Lab/EP/Echo Labs – while maintaining her diplomatic approach to speaking with staff about changes and concerns. Having the ability to collaborate with physicians, staff and other ancillary units, she was able to keep the flow of the departments intact when we needed her. Just being able to “talk” professionally with all staff gave her the respect needed to perform this additional duty.

This past summer she participated in the “Caregiver Fair” at LCCC representing the Cardiac Department with one other staff member. While there, she was a spokesperson for all the procedures and tests that are performed in the department. Many of the community asked questions and were provided with expert information.



Justine Nusz
Women and Children’s Services

Justine Nusz is an expert in pediatric care and excels in the nursery, mother-baby and labor – delivery. She leads by example on a daily basis, by working side-by-side with her staff, supporting them, educating them and by working tirelessly to provide a safe environment, not only for the patients, but for the staff as well. She always provides exceptional patient care.






Summer Huber
Labor and Delivery

Summer Huber is an outstanding nurse. She explains everything thoroughly to patients and their families. She listens to patient wishes and will do everything possible to make sure their needs are met.









Kori Gilbert
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Kori a new graduate and exceeds in patience and compassion.

Kori is very enthusiastic in her love for her job and she shows it by her smile and enthusiasm. Kori maintains patience and compassion even in difficult patient situations. An example of one of these difficult situations was a laboring mentally challenged young woman delivering her first child. Kori, not only was this patient’s nurse, she almost became like this patients big sister, someone she could trust and feel comfortable with. Kori took the time to not only labor this patient but this patient trusted and requested Kori the next day while she was still on the labor and delivery unit due to complications.

On the third night following her delivery, again she requested Kori as her nurse. This patient’s baby ended up in NICU and this patient did not have any family support at this time. This very busy night, every room on post-partum was full. Kori not only had this young lady, she also had 4 other patients. This patient did not have any other family support so she turned to Kori as her support person. She would ask Kori to please take her to the nursery and Kori would walk her to the NICU but may I add Kori did not just walk with her; she took her hand and walked with her, just as a big sister would take a little sisters hand. Kori showed her the security and love this patient needed at this time.

Kori is a very conscientious nurse, she double and triple checks her orders, patient identifiers and ask questions when she is unsure. Kori is a young nurse but she is dedicated and compassionate about her job. Kori takes pride in her job here at CRMC. She is willing to help anyone out even as she learns the ins and out of our department. Kori takes the initiative to help not only her patients but her co-workers. Kori never walks by her co-workers without asking is there anything I can help you with? Kori is patient and kind at work and in her everyday life.


Julie Doman

“Hospice, and specifically, OP Nurse, Julie gave me new life. I wanted to die because I felt so awful. Julie worked like a “dog” and got my medications figured out and I feel like I’ve been given new life—for however long it lasts. I’ve been able to get things organized for my family (like phone numbers and paperwork, which makes me feel so good), and my husband and I have been able to sit and have breakfast together.” (A quote from her nominator)

Julie comes to work with a positive attitude and professional approach to her work. Her laughter is widely recognized in the department as a mood-elevator and reminder to keep everything in perspective, especially when working with end of life issues.

She works to establish a special connection with patients and families through developing trust and providing emotional support. In Hospice, that trust and support must often be established very quickly. Julie demonstrates compassionate, thoughtful, and caring in all situations and is attentive to providing safe patient care. This often entails being creative since the care setting (the patient’s home) is often beyond our control in regards to cleanliness and organization. Julie does an excellent job of educating patients and families around the often overwhelming and difficult care needs at end of life, along with what the patient and family can anticipate as the disease progresses. Her manner is calm and easy while ensuring that the patient and family have what they need to provide safe and effective comfort care in the home setting.


Elizabeth Champlain

Elizabeth Champlain has a great attitude and is very professional. She listens and acknowledges patients’ needs while talking sweetly and explaining what is going on. Elizabeth gives time to each patient, ensuring that the person’s individual needs have been met. Elizabeth collaborates with all members of the healthcare team.






Jenny Ash

Jenny Ash goes above and beyond her duties to take care of her patients. She answers all patient questions and provides each patient with as much information as possible. Jenny is an inspiring nurse, giving patients close attention and professionalism.

Patient Testimonial:
“I had been suffering from excruciating back pain for weeks. I was prescribed a muscle relaxer to treat a spasm, but there was no relief. It got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping and could not get comfortable at any point in the day. As an active duty military member, I called my emergency care line and they deemed it necessary to take an ambulance to be seen right away. That is when Jenny came into my life. By just doing the normal checks, everything appeared fine and I was ready to be sent home. Jenny could see how much pain I was in and knew that I would be going home alone to deal with the pain, so she suggested I stay in an open room for the night and when one of the doctors comes in she will have them see me. So I did. And when I was seen by a doctor, they found that I was 80% effaced and having strong contractions so I was immediately put on Magnesium and stayed the weekend. Unusually enough, Jenny was my nurse each night I stayed in the hospital. She was beyond amazing with the attention I received from her and her professionalism during her duties. When she had time between all of her tasks throughout her shift, she would come into my room to massage my belly and feet, help me clean myself up, helped me feel like I was not all alone any more, as well as gave me further information as to what was going on and answering all of my questions. I was immediately comforted by her when doing uncomfortable procedures such as the catheter or having my cervix checked and trusted her input. She stayed passed her shift that Monday morning (April 11tth) to put me on the helicopter to the University Colorado hospital in Denver. She went above and beyond her duties that entire weekend to take care of me and even offered to come to Denver to do a one-on-one childbirth class with me; however, I delivered my baby between 34 and 35 weeks in Denver on May 19th so we were unable to do so. My sweet baby passed away shortly after birth and I can’t help but think if Jenny hadn’t offered me that room on April 8th and I was sent home yet again with back pain, my daughter would have been born much earlier and I would have had a much more traumatic experience than I already had by losing her unexpectedly. She is by far the best and most inspiring nurse I have ever encountered and when I spent the duration of my pregnancy in the hospital in Denver, I quickly realized that I may have been spoiled by the best as their care was rather disappointing after my experience with Jenny.”


Greta Black

Greta Black is highly professional, caring and compassionate in all aspects of patient care. Even when Greta is busy, she is smiling and good-natured. Greta is a credit to herself, this facility and to the nursing profession as a whole.

For a complete list of Cheyenne Regional’s Registered Nurse Daisy Award winners please visit daisyfoundation.org.