#HealthcareHeroes at CRMC



We received more than 100 submissions in the first year of this recognition program. Thank you for helping us to make it a success!

Program Details

Cheyenne Regional is community-built. What does that mean? We’re both locally-owned and Cheyenne-led. The 2000+ people who work at this organization are our neighbors, friends and family. They’re passionate about healthcare and are working 24/7 to keep this community healthy for years to come. We want to celebrate these individuals who consistently go above and beyond to deliver excellent care and patient service to all of the people we serve!

There are many people in a number of different roles here at Cheyenne Regional! Who is your “healthcare hero”? Perhaps it’s one of the cooks or cashiers in the cafeteria? What about the friendly receptionist who checks you in for your appointments? Perhaps it’s the patient representative that helps people to better navigate the process and feel more at ease. Or maybe it’s the compassionate nurse or doctor who treats each patient with integrity and kindness.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate these people and remind them that they make a difference. We will recognize all the nominated heroes with a celebration at the beginning of the new year. We will also provide each of them with honorary badge pins that can be proudly worn to display the recognition!