These small acts of kindness can create powerful change.

At Cheyenne Regional, we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome.

We strive to show this through our actions by sharing a smile, offering words of encouragement or providing a much-needed hug.

It’s our hope that these acts of kindness—or “sparks”—will create a chain reaction of caring and goodwill both inside and outside our walls… ultimately changing each of us, and our community, for the better.

See the spark in action

Share YOUR spark!

As part of Cheyenne Regional’s “Inspire Great Health” campaign, our goal is to share stories about all the good happening around us, and spark additional acts of caring, kindness and goodwill. Have you experienced a “spark” lately in our hospital or clinics, or out in the community? Tell us about them!

By filling out this form, I hereby grant Cheyenne Regional all rights to my spark story that I have voluntarily shared, and authorize its full and exclusive use, either in conjunction with (if authorized) or without my name, and to make changes and/or alterations in such visuals and associated copy as Cheyenne Regional deems appropriate.