#OnTheMap – WOSM

Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine clinic on Laramie Street in Cheyenne, WY.

What sets Wyoming Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (WOSM) apart? They’re about more than just providing care–they’re also about convenience and clear communication. With their physicians and physical therapists all at one location, they can offer better care to their patients.

Inside the WOSM clinic.

“For this location, it’s wonderful that our doctors are all on site,” said Audra Kent, Wyoming Orthopedics Practice Manager.  “We’ve had a couple of instances where we’ve been able to identify and help a patient that needed different pain medication, or cases where there was something more serious going on and a patient needed to go to the emergency room.”

Ortho-Neuro Service Line Administrator, Cheryl Crumpton, notes that having physical therapy and medical staff in the same building allows them to continually monitor the progress of patients.

Inside the WOSM clinic.

“The physicians and therapists have a lot of communication back and forth, and they provide one another constant updates on the patients,” Crumpton said.

Wyoming Orthopedics specializes in chronic pain, total joint care, post-operative recovery and sports-related injuries–and they do it well, thanks to the combined experience of the therapist team.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do, and have a lot of experience between us. We all kind of have our own little niche,” said physical therapist, Kyle Scharles.

The team of physicians also has varying specialties, ranging from sports medicine to orthopedics, making for a well-rounded staff.

WOSM doctors and physician assistants.

To continue improving care, Wyoming Orthopedics providers are continually expanding their knowledge base by participating in continuing education classes, which could lead to more services being provided in the future.

Scharles also noted that Wyoming Orthopedics is currently focusing on reaching out to younger athletes in the community to help them recover faster from sports-related injuries and also to help them prevent future injuries.

WOSM Physical Therapy team.

While the team’s combined experience and state-of-the art equipment contribute to the outstanding care patients receive, Scharles, Kent and Crumpton agree that the environment is what really makes it great for patients.

“I feel like we have a really tight-knit team here. It’s like a family and our patients feel that too,” Kent said. “They come in and they take a seat in the waiting room and they get involved in conversations with the front office staff. That welcoming environment continues back in the therapy room and into their meetings with doctors. So, it just feels like home.”

It also helps that the staff members love their jobs and have the drive to perform better for themselves, their patients and for each other.

WOSM front office staff.

“We have fun every day and we get great results,” Scharles said.

The bond the team shares strengthens their connection with their patients, which positively affects their recovery.

“I choose to work here for the team. Everybody’s goal is centered around the patient,” Crumpton said. “It keeps the patients engaged, it keeps them doing better, it keeps them wanting to do better and helps them to succeed at their goals.”