#OnTheMap – CRMC Foundation

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center consists of many behind-the-scenes pieces. One piece in particular contributes to multiple areas of the hospital that are in need.

The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Foundation has been around since 1977 with the sole purpose of supporting Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

“The Foundation is an independent 501c(3) public charity. In its 40 years, it has raised more than $40 million for the hospital,” said Scott Fox, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Many pieces of equipment – both large and small – have been purchased with the help of the Foundation. Some of the larger items have included equipment for the Catheterization Lab as well as the Cancer Center and Davis Hospice Center. However, the Foundation has also provided smaller grants to allow departments to purchase equipment or host programs that are helpful for the community.

The CRMC Foundation has an independent Board of Directors that works in cooperation with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation and the hospital have a memorandum of understanding to define the relationship between the two organizations and make sure the Foundation efforts are focused on the needs of the hospital.

2017 Foundation House #OnTheMap
Scott Fox and Wendy Fanning in the CRMC Foundation House across from the hospital.

While the Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for all donations, the items and projects it helps fund would not be possible without the contributions from the community.

“We have hundreds of new donors each year. We also have a number of donors who’ve given to us consistently over the years. For example, we have one donor who has been donating annually for more than 28 years,” Fox said. “The gifts haven’t generally been large donations, but they’re not small either. They’ll give $100 in memory of someone or $1,000 for an event. Over the years, it’s added up to almost $100,000!”

One reason why Cheyenne has such an active and passionate community is because it is a smaller town and many of its residents work at CRMC or know someone who works at CRMC.

“We can’t forget that the community includes the people that work in our facilities. It’s great to help them see that their community donated and provided them with these pieces of equipment or other opportunities,” Fox said. “It’s extraordinary to see the look on their faces when they get to do something they didn’t think they’d have the money to do.”

CRMC truly has a unique relationship with the community, as it has continued to grow as Cheyenne grows.

“I think that Cheyenne is fortunate. Over this past year, I’ve been very involved in the 150th celebration and it’s wonderful to me to see how this community hospital has grown up with Cheyenne. We’ve had our growing pains, just like Cheyenne has had its growing pains, but we’ve grown together,” said Wendy Fanning, Annual Giving and Grants Director.

2017 Foundation House #OnTheMap
The living room of the Foundation House.

Fanning has worked in development for over 15 years and loves that she has the opportunity help people in her community.

“I think for me, personally, it’s the fact that I’m having an impact on my community and I feel like I’m making my community better, which is a huge piece,” Fanning said.

Fanning shared that partnering with other organizations has tremendously helped the Foundation provide for the hospital. The Foundation has partnered with various organizations in Southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado to provide gasoline cards for patients who had difficulty paying for their gasoline when they had to drive to the Cancer Center for treatment.

The Foundation has also recently partnered with the Kohl’s Cares Foundation to develop a pediatric infusion room in the future, which will fit with CRMC’s care alliance with Children’s Hospital Colorado. This project will be spread out over multiple years.

“It will truly make a difference for those families,” Fanning said. “To me that’s the biggest thing that the Foundation does – we make an impact.”

2015 Denim N Diamonds #OnTheMap
The “pilots” and a “flight attendant” of the hangar-themed 2015 Denim N Diamonds Gala.

Even though fundraising is a huge piece for the Foundation, Fox says that it is also important to interact with the community and educate Cheyenne and Laramie County residents about Cheyenne Regional as well as the Foundation and how we support the hospital.

“We want to inform the community and help them see how they can support the hospital in their community. This is especially important as we engage the next generation of donors. We want to help them get to the point that they can say, ‘I make enough now that maybe I can start supporting local non-profits’,” Fox said. “We want to make them aware of opportunities to give.”

2015 Denim N Diamonds 2017 #OnTheMap
Wendy Fanning stands with guests at the 2015 Denim N Diamonds Gala. The Foundation has hosted the Denim N Diamonds Gala since 1990 to raise funds for various projects.