Donation Information

Question: “I’ve heard the hospital needs protective masks – how can I help?”
Answer: We have a couple of options.

Mask Donation:

Option 1 – Sign up to be part of an existing group that is producing masks.

This was started by a local Boy Scout in coordination with Cheyenne Regional’s Biomed department. Information about the group, the ability to “signup” to accomplish a task and the details of how to make masks can be found at this link:
signup genius
They are pooling resources and have various tasks individuals can sign up for. Please contact this group if you have questions about their sign up genius page.

Option 2 – Make masks completely on your own:

Here is a YouTube video that describes specifications and how to make masks. While this is one type of mask, we also recognize there are other ways and we will also accept those! Please wash before dropping off your donation to the Foundation. We do not need donations of filter material.

Delivery Instructions for masks:

Option 1 – If you are participating in the scout group and “sign up genius” project you will be given instructions on where to deliver your donation items on their sign up genius link.

Option 2 – If you are making masks of any type (not part of the scout group), please deliver them to the CRMC Foundation office, located at 408 E. 23rd St. in Cheyenne (across Evans Ave from CRMC). There is a donation box with instructions on the porch of the house.

Food Donations:

We have had so many amazing meals sent to our Emergency Department as well as other areas in our hospital. While we greatly appreciate the offers of homemade food, please understand that for the safety of our staff we can only accept donations of food purchased from open, local establishments. These establishments are being regularly monitored by the Department of Health for compliance with state and local criteria. For more information on donating, please email our Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Foundation at prior to making your donation.

We want to keep track of people that have donated, but we also want to make sure we aren’t duplicating efforts on the same day so food does not go to waste. Our Foundation team will check the meal schedule and will hand-deliver to our departments.

All donations of food should go to the Foundation House at 408 E. 23rd St.

Other Donations:

We are also accepting donations of personal protective equipment, such as N95 masks, gowns and face shields. At this time we have a strong supply of protective gloves however, other healthcare facilities may still be in need. We urge you to seek out those facilities to see if your donation may help them.

One-quarter inch wide elastic is needed to make the masks is in short supply also. Any color – any amount is accepted to the foundation house too.


If you have questions, please contact: