This portion of our program is led by the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Telehealth Department. The Physician Desktop Solution installs, upgrades, and supports video-conferencing technology in order to provide telehealth/telemedicine services at clinics and hospitals across Wyoming.

How It Works

The Physician Desktop Solution strategy provides equipment, setup, camera and software use, and technical support. From telehealth locations, patients and health care providers can have live video consultations with physicians, specialists, and pharmacists regardless of location, throughout Wyoming and beyond.



  • Better Health—Telehealth allows for increased, timely patient access to the spectrum of health care providers and services, improves clinical outcomes, and supports patient self-care.
  • Better Care—Telehealth improves health care access, coordination, collaboration, decision-making, and education.
  • Lower Cost—Improving health care access and communication enables proactive, coordinated care that reduces emergencies, redundancies, appointments, and travel.


How does it help?

  • Increasing Access—Telehealth has proven to be a cost-effective way to increase health care access and coordination across large geographic areas.
  • Growing Medical Neighborhoods—Approximately 24 hospitals and 100 health care providers across Wyoming already utilize secure telehealth video-conferencing technology.
  • Improving Outcomes—The Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported on a study finding that the use of telemedicine services resulted in lower mortality rates, lower rates of preventable complications, and shorter hospital stays.
  • Using Proven Technology to Build on Success—Telehealth has been tested and proven for clinical, educational and administrative applications across the state, including tele-psychiatry, tele-cardiology, tele-wound, tele-stroke, bariatric surgery education & follow-up, diabetic education & follow-up, health care revenue cycle & leadership training, and neonatal & pediatric education.


Establishing a ‘Medical Neighborhood’

A well-functioning medical neighborhood encourages the flow of information across care facilities and between clinicians and patients.The focus is centered around patients, with a balance between evidence-based care and patient preferences.


Physician Desktop Solution supports Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) and high-functioning medical neighborhoods by facilitating increased access to specialists, improving coordination between sites of care, and facilitating effective decision-making.