Saying “no” is cool, too.


Here’s what you can do to stand strong and feel confident about your choice:

Keep it Simple.

“Nope,” “no way,” and “no, thanks,” are full sentences. You don’t need to explain yourself if you don’t want to; just keep it simple, and repeat it again if you have to.

Remember Your Reasoning.

You’ve got your reasons for saying no… what are they? Remind yourself why saying “no” is important to you, whether it’s to keep yourself from getting kicked off a team, or purely because it’s not something you’re into.

Practice Comebacks.

In your head, run through scenarios where someone is pressuring you to do or try something you’re not comfortable with—or, if it’s happened before, replay how that went down. Thinking about what you’ll say beforehand, whether that’s “It’s not my thing,” “I don’t want to,” or just a simple, “No”, makes it easier to follow through in real life.

Switch the Subject.

Bring up a new topic: A movie you just watched, a song you’re really into, new food you want to try… whatever sounds more fun to you at the moment, go with that.


If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to bail. Make an excuse, say you have somewhere to be, pretend you just saw a text and need to call someone back—whatever it takes to get you to a place where you feel safe.

You’re smart—so we’ll skip the part where we pretend you don’t already know the facts about vaping, drinking, or getting high.

You understand the effects drugs and alcohol can have on your body;

you know what it’s like to feel pressured;

and, most importantly, you use what you know to make choices that feel good for you.

Vaping isn’t your thing? Don’t want to get high? Drinking isn’t for you?

Saying “no” is cool, too.

Most of the time, “No, that’s okay,” is all it takes if someone asks you to drink, vape, or get high and you don’t want to.

Seriously, that’s it.

The majority of people who ask genuinely don’t care if you do it, or if you don’t.

But—if you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is really making you feel uncomfortable about saying no, use the ideas on this page to stand strong and feel confident about your choice.

Resources You Can Share

Do you know someone who wants to stop vaping, drinking, or getting high? Send them here, and we can help them connect with a safe, confidential resource to get what they need.