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it’s choosing to have ONE less beer or glass of wine than you normally would.


Next week, you can build on that first small step by taking one more: Maybe, instead of meeting at the bar—where you know it’ll be hard to resist “just one more”—you get together with friends at a new spot in town.

Over time, these small changes combine to create something pretty incredible:
A positive change with the power to…

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Improve your mental and physical health

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Increase your energy

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Keep more money in your wallet

Why Less Is More

Less Alcohol, More Energy

Drinking more than 2 servings of alcohol a day for men, or more than 1 serving a day for women, throws off your sleep cycle. With less alcohol, you’ll enjoy deeper sleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

Less Alcohol, More Money

The cost of grabbing drinks, whether you’re out with friends or picking up a 6-pack, adds up. Choosing to have even one less drink or beer per occasion will save you cash, which adds up (in a good way) over time.

Less Alcohol, More Control

You’re in control of your choices; your choices aren’t in control of you. Taking charge of the choice to drink (including when, how often, and how much) ensures that you’re the one in control.

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give these SMALL STEPS a try TODAY:

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Share Your Plan

Text or call friends and family to let them know you’re making a change, and you want their support to help you stay accountable. (Who knows: You might even inspire them to make some positive changes of their own!)

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Pick A New Phone Background

Maybe it’s a quote. Maybe it’s a picture to represent a goal you’re going for. The more places you can leave encouragement for yourself to continue taking small steps toward drinking less, the more likely you’ll be to keep taking those steps!

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Challenge Your Choices

Ask yourself: Am I choosing to have another drink because I want to? Or am I choosing another drink because it’s “what I’ve always done?”

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Connect with local resources.

Creating positive change around your drinking is a big deal—and you don’t have to go it alone.

Crossroads Healthcare Clinic

Substance use and mental health services on a sliding fee scale

(307) 632-8064


Substance use and mental health services on a sliding fee scale

(307) 635-3618

Recover Wyoming

Free support for logn-term recovery from addiction

(307) 421-7261

Find a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

(307) 632-8064

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