You might not be drinking what you’re thinking. 

What’s in front of you looks like an average beer, craft brew, glass of wine, shot, or cocktail.

But when you consider the standard serving sizes* for each… 

  • Regular beer: 12 ounces (~5% alcohol, though many craft beers can have 6% ABV or more) 
  • Wine: 5 ounces (~12% alcohol)
  • Spirits: 1.5 ounces (~40% alcohol, though many cocktails can contain 1.5x this amount or more) 

… and compare those to your normal pour, you could actually be drinking as much as twice that amount (or more)

Is it a standard pour… or a little more?  

Understanding serving size is key to knowing exactly how much you’re drinking, as well as how much alcohol is in your system. 

Know the standard.

Here in the United States, a standard alcoholic drink contains about .6 ounces (1.2 tablespoons) of pure alcohol. 

Know the numbers. 

For women, consuming 8+ drinks a week is considered overconsumption; for men, it’s 15+. 

Know the effects.

Regularly overconsuming alcohol can lead to the development of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. 

Interested in switching up your drinking habits? 

A few simple ways to start include: 

  • Designating specific days of the week as “No-Drink Days” 
  • Enjoying your drinks slowly, rather than “keeping the pace” with others around you 
  • Alternating each alcoholic drink with a glass of water 
  • Letting friends and family know you’re changing your habits and want their support to help you stay accountable