September 9, 2021, Update #2

September 9, 2021 Master Facility Update #2

Below is an overview of construction that is happening at Cheyenne Regional West for the end of this week and next week. Please read all the way through – you may be affected.


  • Brick demo will be done on east side of patient tower, 4th floor on Friday, Sept 10th. This will be noisy!
  • Crane will be onsite outside of the ED on Wednesday, Sept 15th.

(1) What is happening?:

Scaffolding is being attached to the exterior of the building and a temporary entrance will be installed on the 4th floor.

Please expect noise from this activity.

Where is this happening?:

(2) What is happening?:

Mobilization of Haselden Construction and installation of frosted window coverings in patient rooms that overlook the construction locations

Where is this happening?:

ED roof and roof below ICU, which will affect:

  • Labor and Delivery, West facing rooms
  • ICU, West and North facing rooms

When is this happening?: 9/13/2021 – 9/17/2021 (pending patient discharges)

Why is this happening? Air handlers 3 and 4 (which service OR rooms) are being replaced.

(3) What is happening?: Crane work to hoist equipment over the ED roof. Street will be partially closed, traffic will be coordinated. ED entrance will remain open.

Where is this happening?: Street between ED driveway entrance and exit

Where is this happening?: Wednesday, 9/15/2021

Why is this happening?:  Air handlers 3 and 4 (which service OR rooms) are being replaced. Equipment needs to be hoisted to the roof.

Who to call with questions?: 

– Jackie Van Cleave, extension 7785

– Kelly Archer, extension 6487