September 3, 2021, Update #1

After working on infrastructure at our East and West buildings, and pausing our 10-year Master Facility Plan for more than 16 months due to the pandemic, it is time to begin the next phase: Construction of a new Mother Baby Unit on the 4th floor.

We have been planning and working toward this much-needed renovation for the past 4+ years. After much input from our Mother Baby staff and providers, the design has been carefully rendered by our architect, BSA. The contractor hired to do the job is Saunders Heath Construction. Saunders worked on the new Patient Tower chiller and Cooling Tower projects as well as the new ED lobby so is already familiar with our facility and organization. Their work is top notch, and if you have had a chance to interact with them, I’m sure you’ll agree that we are in great hands.

As the 4th floor renovation begins, we have committed to sending out regular “All Staff” communications about the work and potential impacts.

For this first weekly update, we want you to know that we are preparing for demolition on the 4th floor. (Details are highlighted in the table below.)

Given our current circumstances, the number of projects coming down the line and overall annoyance of being “under construction,” we are asking for grace and understanding from everyone.

We are happy to answer your questions and are definitely open to suggestions and constructive ideas (no pun intended!) for helping us make this process more bearable. But we also want to acknowledge that construction is never an “easy” undertaking and that there will be times when the work is noisy and poses other inconveniences. The upside is that once the renovation is done, we’ll have a wonderful new Mother Baby Unit for our birthing mothers and their families. The other upside? This is all temporary. I promise!

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me at 633-7785 or

Jackie Van Cleave, MBA, CHC, CHPC
Administrator over Facilities and Construction
Cheyenne Regional Health System