June 13, 2022, Master Facility Plan Update #17

June 13, 2022 Master Facility Update #17

This email contains a few notifications of activities occurring this week. Please read and pass down to your staff.


  1. Facilities will be performing annual testing for our fire systems this week.
    1. Elevator testing will occur on Wednesday (June 15th) and Thursday (June 16th) which will cause temporary elevator disruption.
    2. Horns and strobes testing will take place on Friday (June 17th) starting at 8:30am. This will involve hearing the fire alarm for a small amount of time.
  2. SwissLog is updating our Tube System. The tube system will be shut down for the entire week. Runners will be required to transport items that are typically sent through the system.
  3. Work on the 4th floor continues. They are currently finishing drywall, painting, and installing tile and casework.
  4. The new AHU 3&4 are operational! The contractor will continue to fine tune the controls and programming.


What is happening? West Building – Annual Fire Testing

  1. Wed and Thurs: Elevator fire testing will cause temporary disruption of the elevators, one bank at a time. We will start with A – elevators (outside of Cafeteria), and work our way West toward the ED.

Facilities will help manage real-time communications at each elevator bank when the testing is in progress. We will have the ability to stop testing if a PATIENT needs to be transported and will be stationed at the elevators to help facilitate when this occurs.

  1. Fri: Horn and strobe testing – will require us to have the fire alarm on for several minutes while we check to ensure devices are operational.
When is this happening?
  1. Elevator testing will begin in the morning on Wednesday morning, June 15thand complete in the afternoon on Thursday, June 16th.
  2. Fire alarm will be testing on Friday, June 17th at 8:30am.
Why is this happening?

We are required to test our fire systems periodically, per fire code and Joint Commission, to ensure our buildings remain safe in case there is a fire for our employees, patients, and visitors.

Who to call with questions? Phil Villarreal – ext. 7979Jackie Van Cleave – ext. 7785



What is happening?

Temporary disruption of the Swisslog pneumatic tube station system all week. During this time, departments will need to hand deliver medications and supplies.


Monday, June 13th-Friday, June 17th


The Swisslog tube station software and cabling is out dated and we are replacing the station motor plates, with the goal of reducing the amount of down time and service calls due to aging equipment. This is a regulatory and customer service related project.


All departments that send and receive medication and supplies through the pneumatic tube system.

Who to call with questions?

Jackie Van Cleave — ext. 7785

Facilities Tech Phone — ext. 2647

Natasha Raner — ext. 4779


What is happening?

Master Facility Plan is currently in progress, we are constructing a new mother-baby unit on our 4th floor. They are currently finishing drywall, painting, and installing tile and casework.

When is this happening?

Ongoing – specific work listed above will be continuing over the next few weeks.

Where is this happening? 4th floor of the west building, patient tower and 68 building.

We closed down Evans Ave. a couple weeks ago to install a new air handling unit for the 4th floor. Attached is a photo capturing the moment they lifted the unit to our roof.

Master Facility Plan 17

Who to call with Questions?

Kelly Archer – ext. 6487

Jackie Van Cleave, ext. 7785


The new air handling units that feed rooms in the OR, Sterile Processing, Central Supply, and Mother Baby were installed and are now operational. We are continuing to adjust controls and programming to ensure the units are calibrated for our facility.


Ongoing, continuing into July.


The units are installed on the roof above the ED. Duct work is installed up to the 4th floor mechanical roof above the OR.


Master Facility Plan 17-2

Who to call with Questions

Kelly Archer – ext. 6487

Jackie Van Cleave – ext. 7785