July 8, 2022 Master Facility Update #18

July 8, 2022 Master Facility Update #18


  1. Radiology is getting new flooring! Flooring is being installed outside of Turbo (G) elevator on Monday. Access from first floor will be closed. Elevator will remain operational to/from all other floors.
  2. The new AHU 3&4 will be temporarily shut down on Monday night, July 11th from approximately 6pm to 6am to adjust programming.
  3. Work on the 4th floor continues. They are currently finishing installing tile, flooring, and casework.
What is happening? Access to the turbo (G) elevator at the first floor will be temporarily closed as the flooring contractor installs new flooring in the hallway into the Radiology area. This will NOT affect the use of the elevator to and from other floors.
Where is this happening? See green section of the plan below:Turbo G Elevator


When is this happening? Monday, July 11th starting at 7:30am. We are going to do everything we can to finish the hallway by evening on Monday.
Why is this happening? We do not want to re-route patients through public corridors in order to access the turbo elevator while flooring is being installed.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave, extension 7785Phil Villarreal, extension 7979
What is happening? AHU 3 & 4 will need to be shutdown over night to update programming of the new units. These are the units that supply ORs, Mother Baby, Central Supply, and Sterile Processing.
When? July 11th, starting approximately 6pm.
Why? Programming adjustments need to be made to have the new units operate more smoothly.
Where? OR, MBU, CS, SPD
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave — ext. 7785Facilities Tech Phone — ext. 2647


What is happening? Master Facility Plan is currently in progress, we are constructing a new mother-baby unit on our 4th floor. They are currently finishing installing lighting, painting, and installing tile and flooring. 

Current schedule is showing substantial completion of construction to be at the end of the summer. We will then be required to have City and State inspections prior to utilizing the new space. If all goes well, we hope to be seeing patients in the new spaces sometime in October.

When is this happening? Ongoing – specific work listed above will be continuing over the next few weeks.
Where is this happening? 4th floor of the west building, patient tower and 68 building.
Who to call with Questions? Kelly Archer – ext. 6487Jackie Van Cleave, ext. 7785