January 27, 2022, Master Facility Update #12

January 27, 2022 Master Facility Update #12

Below is an overview of construction that is happening at Cheyenne Regional West for the upcoming week.


  1. One of the B Elevator cars is going offline on Monday, 1/31
  2. Continuing construction noise from 4th floor renovation – CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS!
  3. Cranes at East (old ambulance bay) 1/31 and 2/1
What is happening? Work on the B-elevator is scheduled to start Monday, January 31st. One elevator car will be out of operation. Contractor is planning to work at least 2 shifts/day to complete the work as quickly as possible, which means there will be a crew here working in the night.


We are asking for staff to not use the B-elevator unless you are transporting patients or equipment. Please do not ride the elevator out of convenience; we are trying to reduce delays for patient/meal transport.


Where is this happening?
When is this happening? Week of January 31st
Why is this happening? The elevators need to be refurbished as they have not been since the building was built in 2002. They are almost 20 years old.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave, extension 7785

Phil Villarreal, extension 2297

Candis Pickard, extension 7890

Kelly Archer, extension 6487

Where is this happening? 4th floor, patient tower and 68 building
When is this happening? Week of January 31st
Why is this happening? As part of the Master Facility Plan, we are remodeling the 4th floor 68 building and 4th floor patient tower to accommodate a new Mother Baby Unit. This construction will be ongoing until fall of 2022.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave — x7785

Glenn Shenefelt – x2647


{Above: Corridor in new Labor and Delivery location (4-2, patient tower)}

{Two photos above: new labor and delivery room (4-2, patient tower)}

{Above: Corridor in new post-partem (Old TCU, 68 Building)}

What is happening? East Building =  Crane by Ambulance Bay



When is this happening? 1/31/2022 and 2/1/2022, starting at 8 AM


Why is this happening? Load equipment on roof
Who to call with questions? Kelly2:

Kelly Williams — x7298

Kelly Archer — x6487