February 28, 2022, Master Facility Plan Update #13

February 28, 2022 Master Facility Update #13

It has been a steady month with ‘typical’ construction but we are well overdue for an update! Below is an overview of construction that is happening at Cheyenne Regional West for the upcoming week.


  1. Heavy construction noise is expected in the patient tower this week.
  2. B2 elevator car is nearly complete and we’ll be moving on to refurbishing B1 elevator car.
  3. Concrete will be poured in the cancer center starting on Wednesday.
  4. Installation of exterior duct work for new air handling units 3&4 is nearly completed. Photo of new AHUs on ED roof included.
What is this happening? Very loud construction noise is expected on the west side of the patient tower. Contractor will be cutting through the concrete and metal decking to create a new duct chase that will feed the 4th floor. Concrete sawing and chipping will occur and may be heard on multiple floors.
Where is this happening? 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th floor of Patient Tower
When is this happening? Starting March 1, 2022. Expected to continue throughout the week.
What is this happening? New door frames are being installed for secure access to the new mother baby unit. Convenience stair (by elevators C&D outside of Med Staff Office) will be closed until next week. Two patient tower stairwells will be completed in the next couple days.
Where is this happening? Stairwell landings at 4th floor, patient tower and convenience stair in 68 building.
When is this happening? Expected to continue throughout the week.
Why is this happening? As part of the Master Facility Plan, we are remodeling the 4th floor 68 building and 4thfloor patient tower to accommodate a new Mother Baby Unit. This construction will be ongoing until fall of 2022.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave — x7785Glenn Shenefelt – x2647

Drywall (L&D)


(Drywall installed in patient corridor in new Labor and Delivery Department)

What is happening? Work on the B-elevator started January 31st. We are nearly complete with B2 and will begin refurbishment of B1 (hopefully) by the end of the week. 

We are asking for staff to not use the B-elevator unless you are transporting patients or equipment. Please do not ride the elevator out of convenience; we are trying to reduce delays for patient/meal transport.



Where is this happening?
When is this happening? Week of Feb 28, 2022.
Why is this happening? The elevators need to be refurbished as they have not been since the building was built in 2002. They are almost 20 years old.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave — x 7785Phil Villarreal — x 2297

Candis Pickard — x 7890

Kelly Archer– x 6487

What is happening? Cancer Center concrete pour for new Linear Accelerator project. There will be a concrete truck located outside of the cancer center. 
When is this happening? Middle of this week; starting Wednesday, March 2 and anticipated to be finished no later than Friday.
Why is this happening? New concrete needs to be poured to support the new linear accelerator being installed in the cancer center.
Who to call with questions? Kelly Archer — x6487Jackie Van Cleave – x7785
What is happening? Last stretch of duct work will be installed on the exterior wall of the 88 building up to the 4th floor roof. Once testing is complete, ducts will be insulated and the air handling units (AHUs) 3 & 4 that service the OR will cut over to the new units (located on the ED roof) and contractor will begin demo.
When is this happening? Next couple of weeks.
Why is this happening? Air Handling Units (AHUs) 3 & 4 are being replaced as old units have reached end-of-life.
Who to call with questions? Kelly Archer — x6487Jackie Van Cleave – x7785
Photo! air handling unit


(Photo courtesy Haselden Construction)