April 26, 2022 Update #15

April 26, 2022 Master Facility Update #15

Wednesday, April 27th is a big day for our air handling unit (AHU) 3 & 4 construction project. We are transitioning to the new units! Below is information you may need to be aware of for the next couple days:


  1. We are shutting down the old AHU 3&4 and switching over to a new unit. This will affect the air in some of the OR rooms, Sterile Processing, Mother Baby and Central Supply.
  2. Two cranes are scheduled for Thursday, April 28th. Temporary street closures will occur on 24th St., and also on Evans.
  3. Stairwell flooring is being replaced in stairwell 6 (patient tower) and will continue to stairwell 5 (stair outside of Med Staff Office/Wound Care).

What is happening? We are switching off our existing air handling units (AHU) that feed some OR rooms, Sterile Processing, 5th floor (MBU), PACU, Same Day Surgery, and Central Supply.


Air will be off for approximately 4 days while the contractor is connecting ducts to a new AHU. We expect air will be turned back on by Monday, May 2nd.


Please note: We are unable to turn anything back on or stop construction once we start the switchover (unless there is a life or death patient emergency).


The contractors will be working 24 hours a day to reduce the length of airflow downtime. They will be constructing and installing new duct work which will be noisy (sawing, pounding, drilling, etc.) at times, day and night.

When is this happening? Wednesday evening, April 27th through Monday, May 2nd. We anticipate air being operational no later than Monday.
Where is this happening? Air shutdown affects 3rd and 5th Floors of the 1988 building highlighted in green and light orange on the drawing below.



Why is this happening? The AHUs that feed these floors have come to the end of life and desperately need replacement. New AHUs have been placed on the roof of the ED and will be connected to the building during this shutdown.
Who to call with questions? Jackie Van Cleave, extension 7785

Glenn Shenefelt, 287-1477

Kelly Archer, extension 6487

Facilities Tech phone, 432-2647

What is happening? West Building = Two separate cranes that result in temporary road closures


Road closure on 24th Street:

  • No vehicle or walking traffic from Evans Avenue
  • Access to dock will be limited
  • Access to North Parking Garage and Cancer Center will be available from Warren Avenue


Road closure on Evans St:

  • No vehicle or walking traffic from south parking lot entrance to 24th Streets
  • Walkers – please cross at 22nd or 24th Streets
  • No one can be in the courtyard or atrium. Facilities will close down these areas.


When is this happening? 24th Street: April 28 from 6A – 11A

Evans Street: April 28  from 11A – 5P

Why is this happening? We need to put Roof Top Units (RTUs) on top 1968 building and patient tower.

Both units are for the new Mother Baby Unit.

Who to call with questions? Glenn Shenefelt, 307-287-1477

Kelly Archer, extension 6487

Jackie Van Clean, extension 7185

What is happening? Stairwell 6 is temporarily closed for daily use. Please note, this stairwell remains open for emergency use, if required.
When is this happening? Stairwell 6: Week of April 26th.

Stairwell 5: follows completion of Stairwell 6



Why is this happening? The flooring in the stairwells was in need of replacement due to age and high utilization.
Who to call with questions? Natasha Raner @4779

Facilities @2647