Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Launches ‘Meds At The Beds’ Program

January 19, 2018
Cheyenne, WY–Cheyenne Regional Medical Center piloted a “Meds At The Beds” program on one of its inpatient units last summer and has since expanded the program to include all of the hospital’s inpatient units. The program allows patients to receive prescribed medications from the onsite retail pharmacy prior to their discharge home from the hospital.

“Evidence-based research shows that availability of medications at discharge increases patients’ adherence to medication therapy,” said Greg O’Barr, Ph.D., CRMC’s Administrator of Population Health and Strategic Planning. “Lower hospital readmission rates, improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction are also tied to ease of access to prescribed medications.”

The program has been very well-received by physicians and patients. “Many patients have mentioned how happy they are not to have to make a trip to the pharmacy or to have to wait for their medications,” O’Barr said. “Physicians have also told us that the new program has helped streamline the discharge process.”