Student Application

This is NOT an application for employment. For open employment opportunities, please click on our Job Search link.

Please contact your school to verify its affiliation with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

  • This email and phone number is Cheyenne Regional's way of contacting you.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Clinical Onboarding Coordinator at (307) 996-4734.
  • Drop files here or
    Rubella Titer, Rubeola Titer, Mumps Titer, MMR #1 and MMR #2 OR MMR Titer, Hepatitis #1 and Hepatitis #2 and Hepatitis #3 OR Hepatitis Titer, Varicella #1 and Varicella #2 OR Varicella Titer, Tetanus. Please note the list of required documentation for this application. You must have these to complete application.
  • Drop files here or

You should hear back from us within one week. We will contact you via email with a list of student requirements. If you do not hear back within one week, you can reach us at (307) 996-4734.