Therapeutic Relationships

Nurse with medical records talking to patient in hospital roomWorkshop Description
The Therapeutic Relationships workshop is a program focused on strengthening our ability (as healthcare providers) to connect with patients, their loved ones and each other in the fast-paced and complex health care environment in which we work.

In the workshop, participants will explore how to create more meaningful connections, with a focus on promoting healing and relational competency within the context of technical skill. The workshop will reinforce techniques that providers can utilize in order to impact patients’ participation in their care and improve clinical outcomes. As healthcare providers, we have the opportunity to actively listen, build solid trust and improve communication with our peers, patients and the entire healthcare team.

Who should attend this workshop?
Any and all staff who work in the healthcare field can benefit from this course, whether involved in front-line patient care or in a business support role. Every member of Cheyenne Regional’s staff has the opportunity to reach and impact patients (or patients’ loved ones), fellow providers and staff members, and community members in some unique way. This workshop will provide a positive environment in which participants can improve skills to further engage and enhance relationships. Anyone who wants to learn how to build therapeutic relationships with patients and peers is welcome to attend.


  • Learn a model for creating connections, with a focus on healing through relational and technical skill.
  • Reinforce techniques that can be used to improve patients’ engagement in their care, and improve overall clinical outcomes.
  • Identify the barriers in connecting and engaging with patients and learn how to remove them.

If you have questions about this course, please contact the Kristen Truman-Allen, Chief Experience Officer (at

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