LPN IV Certification

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Cheyenne Regional (CRMC) offers basic LPN IV certification, re-certification, and advanced LPN IV certification courses. These courses are approved by and delivered in accordance with the Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBON) scope of practice.

Who should take these courses?
These courses are designed for LPNs who are interested in improving their skills in managing IV therapies. LPNs must attend the basic IV certification course prior to taking the advanced IV certification courses.


  • CRMC Employees: Please sign up in your HealthStream account.
  • Non-employees: Please contact Paula Pyc (at (307) 996-4736 or paula.pyc@crmcwy.org).


  • If you are a CRMC employee, please contact your manager to discuss fees associated with these courses.
  • Non-employees will be required to pay a $325 course fee at the time of registration.
  • The course book is included in the course fee.

Certification Period
Your LPN IV certification is valid for two years and will expire two years from the first day of the month of completion.

Course Descriptions

Basic IV Therapy for LPNs – Certification Course 

Course Description
This Basic IV Therapy Course for LPNs establishes acceptable standards and teaches the basic skills and knowledge necessary to effectively administer and manage IV therapy. Basic guidelines include legal aspects of IV system, fluid and electrolyte balance, procedure for venipuncture, prevention and assessment of complications, principles of pharmacology as related to IV therapy, and demonstration and practice of required skills.

Student Qualifications
Participants must possess a current, unencumbered LPN license in the State of Wyoming.

General Course Requirements
The course requires 16 classroom hours and 16 hours of clinical experience. The didactic portion of the course must be completed within six weeks, or within the confines of an academic course.

  • Class attendance is mandatory. Any missed classes must be made up at the convenience of the instructor.
  • Participants taking the Basic IV Therapy Course for LPNs will be required to demonstrate competency in written and practical exams, by receiving a minimum score of 80% on each examination.
  • A 16-hour clinical practicum is required, which includes three (supervised) successful venipunctures.
  • Graduates of this course will receive a ‘certificate of completion.’
  • Only LPNs who have completed a certified IV therapy course are allowed to administer and manage IV therapy in the State of Wyoming.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule


IV Therapy for LPNs – Continuing Education & Recertification (COMING SOON)

These courses are designed for the basic and advanced IV-certified LPNs who need contact hours for recertification:

  • Professional Scope of IV Practice for the LPN (1 contact hour)
  • Legal Aspects of IV Therapy (1 contact hour)
  • Basic and Systemic Complications (2 contact hours)
  • IV Pharmacology Review (3 contact hours)

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

If you require more information or have questions about these courses, please contact the course director, Ginny Crockett-Maillet (at (307) 996-4739 or ginny.crockett-maillet@crmcwy.org).