ACLS Full Course

ACLS Full Course

The initial certification course is a full two-day, live course. It is for new employees who wish to obtain their ACLS-certification for the first time, or for healthcare professionals that have let their ACLS certifications expire. If your ACLS certification has recently expired, please contact Paula Pyc ( to determine which course is right for you.

BLS is offered in conjunction with this course offering. Opt-Out of BLS – If you DO NOT want to complete your BLS certification with your ACLS certification, you are NOT required to complete the “HeartCode BLS” link under your “To Do” tab. Please contact Paula Pyc at (307) 996-4736 or to have your “HeartCode BLS” link removed from your HealthStream account. The BLS skills session is an integrated part of this ACLS class and opting-out will NOT decrease in-class time or permit early class dismissal.

Course Fees:
For Non-CRMC employees or employees that do not require this course as part of the job description:

  • ACLS Course fee: $250.00 (Book is included in the price of the course. Book can be checked out by hospital employees)
  • ACLS Book fee: $45.00
  • ACLS Pocket Reference: $15.00

Steps to Enroll
CRMC employees: Please register via your HealthStream Account (Search “ACLS” under catalog). The course title is ACLS w/BLS (optional) – Two Day.

Non-CRMC employees: Please contact Paula Pyc at (307) 996-4736 or

Preparing for your class, vital information:

  • Once you’ve registered for a course, an e-mail will be sent to you two (2) weeks prior to the course start date. It will contain vital information about what to expect in the class. Please make sure to check your email.
  • You must obtain a book prior to attending the course. In order to obtain an ACLS book please refer to our Learning Library.
  • You must complete a pretest by visiting the AHA web site listed in your emailed instructions.
  • You must pass the test with a passing score to attend the class.
  • Print your pretest results and bring to class.
  • If you choose to complete the BLS portion with this class, please complete your overview, eSims, and test prior to attending class. Print your certificate of completion.
  • You will NOT be allowed to attend class WITHOUT submitting a paper copy of your ACLS pretest results PRIOR to the start of class. No exceptions.
  • You will not receive your BLS certification without submitting a paper copy of your BLS Certificate of Completion prior to the start of class. No exceptions.

If you have further questions regarding the course, please contact Paula Pyc at (307) 996-4736 or or the course director, Jessica Bucholz at (307) 996-4741 or