Tracy: Population Health

March 16, 2016—Meet Tracy. She’s the Director of Operations at the Wyoming Institute of Population Health. Amongst the many things she does, she works directly with the Enroll Wyoming Navigators to deliver educational programming across the great state of Wyoming. She is extremely hard-working and has a wealth of knowledge to share. We asked Tracy to give us the “411” on her job and why she’s here.

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“I was born and raised here in Wyoming. I moved away and came back to raise my kids here. I have two boys—they’re 7 and 9—and they keep me busy! I’ve been in healthcare my entire career. After going to school in Laramie, I came back and started my career in long-term care at Mountain Towers. I got promoted and moved to Denver and lived/worked there for about 12 years. That’s where I met my husband, and we later decided to move home to raise kids. It’s been an interesting full-circle back to where I am now!

I love what I’m doing now, working with the Navigators. I came up through the finance and billing side of healthcare, so I have an understanding of the behind-the-scenes working parts of healthcare, but this is the first time I’ve been able to bridge back out to working directly with consumers. Actually, just a couple of days ago I ran into our very first Enroll Wyoming consumer that my colleague George and I worked with in the very first year on the second day of open enrollment! It was when was really rocky, and she came in to see us for help. We were able to get her signed up for Medicaid, got her the treatment she needed for the baseball-sized tumor on her ovary, and helped to prevent her from getting ovarian cancer! While I don’t do the clinical side of things—I’m on the back side of healthcare; the behind-the-scenes—it’s so nice to see directly that what we’re doing is truly helping people.

One of the other reasons we decided to move home (aside from it being a good environment for raising kids) is that in a small community (in a small healthcare system) you can have a more direct impact and connection with the community. I wanted to work hard in a community that I really love and care about—one that I can help and impact individuals, friends and family, and use my gifts to help them when they find themselves in a tough spot.”

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