Tracy, Deborah & Trevor: ER

July 29, 2015—Meet Tracy, Deborah and Trevor. Tracy is the clinical director of Critical Care, Trauma and Emergency Services; Deborah is the interim trauma program manager; and Trevor is the Emergency Services clinical manager. The leadership that these three bring to the table (in a service area that’s high-stress and fast-moving all the time) is incredible. 

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Everyday I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s another employee or a patient or a patient’s family member. Working at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is great. It’s like my second family. I’ve worked here for 26 years and I love the people that I get to work with every day. It makes it a lot easier to come to work!

I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to explore all different areas of emergency services that impact patients who are experiencing crises. It’s a great opportunity to continually learn more about how we can have a greater impact on patient care. I like working at Cheyenne Regional because of the variety of opportunities I’m afforded—all of which expand my perspective on how we can positively impact patients.

My mom was a nurse and my dad was a police officer; I think I’ve always known that I would do some kind of civil service duty. In the emergency department, it’s nice to be able to help and impact people on what could potentially be their worst day of the year. You’re able to recognize the impact a little easier that way, I think. I live in Pine Bluffs and I’m really committed to that community of people. I like that I can be a familiar, friendly face for them to associate with this place—to be able to create that connection for them to have when they walk in the door for care. I like that here at Cheyenne Regional I can build relationships both personally and career-wise at the same time.

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