Teena: Dir. of Med. Staff Svcs.

November 5, 2014—Meet Teena! She’s the Director of Medical Staff Services and has been with Cheyenne Regional for 23 years. She shared with us why she loves doing what she does, and why working at Cheyenne Regional makes her happy.

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“I think Cheyenne Regional feels like family. I’ve been here 23 years and have formed deep relationships with the people I work with–physicians, staff, volunteers, board members–these relationships are long-lasting. I’ve made some of my nearest and dearest friends working here at the hospital!

The type of work that I do is very detail-oriented and I thrive in that type of environment. I like being organized and knowing where everything is – there’s an aspect of meticulousness to it. Credentialing and privileging can be more complex than people realize and it’s a team effort by all means. I couldn’t do it without my teammates Julie, Steve and Dr. Lind – I’m very thankful for them. The importance of this job is huge for the community. We’re making sure that we bring in expert providers and ensuring that they’re competent and well-qualified to care for our patients.

I can truly say that I’m proud and humbled to be an employee of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.”

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