Sherry: Charity Care Coord.

December 3, 2014—Meet Sherry. She’s the Charity Care Coordinator at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, and has been with us for 13 years! She was nominated by one of her colleagues for the above-and-beyond work that she does every single day to help bring quality care to our community! 

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“At one point in time, I used to work in collections and I didn’t necessarily make people very happy! But now, every day I get to put smiles on peoples’ faces by helping them to access quality healthcare that they might not otherwise be able to afford. This service that the hospital offers is wonderful — there is no outside funding for our Charity Care program; it’s just the hospital’s generosity to offset some of the bills for patients-in-need when possible and as appropriate. People are so appreciative of it — I even have grown men sitting in my office, crying because they are so grateful!

I really like the people I get to work with, I love my coworkers, and the benefits here at Cheyenne Regional are awesome. Working here, your supervisors, managers and executives are all incredibly personable — they treat everyone with respect and as equals. It’s really a nice environment to be a part of!”

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