Shelly: Occupational Therapy

April 13, 2016—Meet Shelly. She’s a Certified Hand Therapist (one of only two in the area!) and she’s been with Cheyenne Regional for 9 years. She’s worked in the field of occupational therapy for 25 years—21 of that in hand therapy, specifically. She was nominated by one of her colleagues for the passion, talent and commitment she brings to her team. We sure are thankful to have her. She shared with us a little bit about her job!

Shelly template

“I like my role because I love the patient care. With outpatient hand therapy, we see a lot of people who are incredibly motivated to get better. We see a lot of different diagnoses; lots of trauma and post-op stuff. It’s kinda neat working in this specialty here in Cheyenne, because we’ll see anything from rodeo injuries during Frontier Days, to refinery injuries, to burns, cuts, fractures and more. We see just about everything. It’s very specialized work and it’s fun work because of all the varied specialty cases we get to treat.

We have a great therapy team and that’s part of what I love about being here. The staff here is amazing and supportive and our manager is phenomenal. We’re a little off the beaten path here. We provide a service that I think is kind of quietly successful—people really enjoy coming here and we have a lot of repeat customers. So I get to meet really great people that trickle down through the hospital system and I also get to work really closely with some of our doctors which is very nice. We have a really great relationship with the doctors here in our system, but we also have the freedom and opportunity to work with hand surgeons and physicians who are outside the system too. People that live here here know that we’re hand specialists, so they come to us from other physicians and we get to network with them too. We really get the best of both worlds being here in the hospital—being a little bit rural and getting a lot of influx from other networks, but also having great relationships with doctors that are here too.”

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