Shelby: Comm. Specialist

March 10, 2015—It’s “Why Do You Work Here?” Wednesday – the Tuesday edition. Why on Tuesday, you ask? This week our nominee is the woman behind #wdywhw, Shelby. The only way we could make this happen was to be sneaky-like (yes, today, sneaky-like is a word). She refused to allow herself to be in the limelight, but her coworkers disagree. Shelby should be celebrated! So we’re making it happen. This is what Shelby had to say…

Shelby_wdywhw photo template

“I very much enjoy working at Cheyenne Regional. I love the atmosphere in my department – my teammates are absolutely wonderful. They’re talented, hardworking and reliable—really a pleasure to collaborate and spend 40 hours a week with. I’m consistently encouraged, inspired and supported by each of them. And they make me laugh all the time! I find the work that I do here fulfilling and engaging, and I love that every day is different. I am enjoying the challenge of learning new things about an industry (healthcare) that I’m new to. I’m a people-person and really love that my job gives me the opportunity to interact with and get to know my coworkers and community members on a regular basis. All in all, this job is a great fit for where I’m at in my career and life in general. I come to work happy each day, and there’s rarely been a day that I don’t leave smiling.”

In all seriousness, Cheyenne Regional is very thankful for Shelby. She brings a joyful smile and work ethic that is a breath of fresh air. She says that she loves the atmosphere in her department, but she is truly a key player in making our department and Cheyenne Regional what it is. We look forward to working side-by-side with Shelby every day – and Shelby, thank you for all that you do!

It’s been a pleasure being “sneaky-like” and sharing Shelby’s story on #wdywhw – on Tuesday!

You can also view Shelby’s feature on Facebook!