Rob: Materials Managament

March 9, 2016—Rob is a Buyer in the Materials Management department and he’s been with Cheyenne Regional for two years. He helps everyone in our organization to get the tools and supplies we need to do our jobs well, in addition to helping the hospital make smart choices to save money. He’s always willing to help, consistently has a cheerful attitude, and is thoughtful and pleasant to work with. We’re really lucky to have Rob! We asked him about his work.

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“I enjoy being part of a community of people that have a common bond. A diverse community that is made up of people helping people, individual talents being brought to the table, and all of us working together towards the same goal.

My job is challenging, demanding, and an integral part of what makes the hospital work effectively on a daily basis. As a buyer, we purchase everything needed to run each department in the hospital. The responsibility is great, however the rewards are truly gratifying.

I am surrounded by highly driven and successful people who care about those they work with and the patients we care for. My coworkers are like family. The environment is positive and I leave at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment.

We are all a respected part of the community here, and I am proud to tell people I work for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center!”

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