Rachel: Office Supervisor

April 8, 2015—Meet Rachel. She’s the Office Supervisor at Cheyenne Plaza Primary Care and CRMG Internal Medicine. Rachel is such a bright light. She’s always cheerful, positive and willing to help, and her enthusiasm can’t be missed! 

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“Being able to work with our patients directly every day and being able to help them get the best care they need is great. My coworkers are also really great to be around–we laugh all the time, enjoy each other’s company and have fun at work. I really enjoy being up at the front desk with the other girls. It’s nice knowing that we can work well together, go to one another with our needs, and make changes when necessary. Really, everybody in this building (800 E. 20th St.) is wonderful to work with! We’re all very willing to help one another out; we’re all friends.

The employees here make Cheyenne Regional especially great. I love all my coworkers and the providers we get to work with. There are a lot of different personalities and makes it fun. Knowing that we all deeply care about our patients and knowing that we’re helping them to get better is a good feeling. It’s so rewarding to see them get healthy and it makes us feel like we’re doing our jobs well!”

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