Melissa & JJ: Rad. Sched.

June 3, 2015—Please meet Melissa (left) and JJ (right)! Melissa has been with Cheyenne Regional for 10 years, and JJ for one and a half. Both ladies are Radiology Schedulers in the Radiology Department. These two are super-engaged in the Cheyenne Regional community and are a huge support and blessing to us. 

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“We schedule all outpatient radiology procedures, including those done at the clinic on 20th street (like mammograms). In my role, I work with a lot of patients who walk into my office to schedule—so we get to have that face-to-face interaction. Sometimes they’re coming in for something good and they’re happy, but there are a lot of patients who have cancer and sometimes they’re scared. In those cases, we have the opportunity to comfort them, get them the info they need and help them to feel reassured. We get to help them in the process of getting better.

I really like working at the hospital—I like the people here. I’m a people-person and I love my coworkers. I think we’re really lucky to have such a good department. Communication within our department is great and we’re always working on making it better. We consistently focus on the positive rather than the negative as we improve. We have a really good team! And I also really love working at the hospital because it keeps growing and changing—healthcare keeps changing and it’s really interesting to be a part of.”

“I like my job because I get to help patients. I get to help those people who need to get seen—helping them to make an appointment (whether it’s a routine thing or a more urgent issue), assure them that we’ll take good care of them and give them confidence. It’s a really proactive role and I find it fascinating. Initially, these appointments are the starting point–part of the diagnostic process. It makes you feel like you’re an important part of their care, and it feels good to be able to help them through whatever they’re going through.

I like working for the hospital. It’s a different experience than I’ve had working for any other organization—it’s the biggest place I’ve worked at. I like the opportunities there are to get involved. Even though it’s a huge place and there are a lot of people, you don’t feel like you’re just a number—especially if you engage yourself. You can be a part of things and make a difference. It seems like the hospital is consistently changing and evolving with the changing environment of healthcare, and trying to make it as enjoyable for the public as we can. It makes a huge impact on patients, visitors and the employees. It’s great.”

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