Matt: Instructional Designer

October 28, 2015—Meet Matt. He’s an Instructional Designer on our Epic team, and has been with Cheyenne Regional for 3 years. Many of us at Cheyenne Regional have had the opportunity to work with Matt in the recent past, when he helped lead New Hire Orientation in his old role. He’s a genuinely intelligent, helpful and kind guy who has the ability to make anyone feel welcome at this organization! 

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“What sticks out to me about working here is the people. I’ve had two different positions while I’ve been here (almost 3 years now) and I’ve had the opportunity to work with brand new employees, VPs, all levels of leadership, frontline people, end-users and the first people patients see, among others. I like working for and with good people and it’s really the people that keep me here.

I’m getting my master’s degree at UW in instructional technology, and when this job that I’m in now (instructional designer) became available, it fit perfectly with what I’m doing with school. It was meant to be. I’m able to use what I’m learning in school here at our organization on a daily basis. I get to create the new curriculum for Emergency Department Epic users. I’ve been in this position for about four months now. It’s a new adventure for me, but because it aligns with my professional career goals, it’s just perfect.

My job lets me feel like I’m doing something important. I know that if I can train these users to use Epic, they’ll be able to help our patients better and give better quality care. I really feel a sense of worth here. This job makes me feel fulfilled.”

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