Margo & Molly: Exec. Suite

March 18, 2015—Meet Margo and Molly. Margo is the CEO of the Cheyenne Regional Healthcare System, and Molly is her amazing Executive Assistant. Margo has been working in healthcare for 30 years; the last two of those here at Cheyenne Regional. Molly has 22 years of healthcare experience; the last 10 of those here. These ladies are truly a power duo and it seemed only fitting to feature them together as a team! 

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“Well, the sight of blood makes me sick! But when I was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, I knew I wanted to help and make a difference in peoples lives. In my role here, when I make Margo look good, it’s a win! We have a lot of people come through the administration hallway–community members, board members, physicians, staff, members of the press, etc.–and I have the opportunity to provide them with a great experience and impression of our organization. I try to have a calming influence, to set the right tone for their visit, and do my best to receive their feedback in a positive manner. Its important for us to always put our best faces forward and represent this system well!

Since we’re a community hospital, I feel like we’re really able to help our neighbors and I love that about my job. I don’t work on the clinical side of things, but it feels great to be able to support the system and the people that do. And, even being able to make an impact in small ways–smiling at people while walking through the halls–is a wonderful opportunity. I remember the “service excellence” class I took when I first started working here, and it’s always stuck with me. We all have important roles to play in this hospital–beyond just our job titles–to be able to impact our community.”

“Every day is different here. In my role, I have the opportunity to really help make this place the best place to work–for volunteers, physicians and all our employees. Once we really get that right, it’s going to have a huge impact on the care we give to our community. A positive impact!

I think we can make good change happen quickly here. There are so many amazing people here that want to do meaningful work and impact the community, and it’s a wonderful environment to be part of. In our roles together, Molly and I are very different which works out really well! We enjoy working together and really complement each other in the work we do. Working in healthcare, I’m given a constant reminder that we are truly blessed–we get to be reminded each day of the preciousness of life!”

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