Marcus: Associate at Café 214

August 26, 2015—Meet Marcus. He’s a retail associate at Café 214 in our main lobby at the hospital. He’s approaching his one-year anniversary at Cheyenne Regional. Marcus is upbeat, friendly and always brings a smile to the faces of his customers–patients, visitors and employees alike. The drinks he makes are delicious, too!

Marcus_wdywhw photo template
“I’ve always enjoyed helping people. Right now I’m in a position where I get to help the people who are helping the people! Getting everyone their daily caffeine fix is an integral part of the system, I’d like to think. 

It’s really the people that make working at this place great. My coworkers, our bosses—they’re friendly and make me feel welcome. I’m excited that I showed up at the right time to be able to start working here and open the shop from scratch. We could really make it our own and get it running, to start it from the ground up.”

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