Lonny: Pharmacy Op. Mgr.

April 15, 2015—Meet Lonny. He’s the Pharmacy Operations Manager and he also leads the Patient Experience Huddles. He’s been with Cheyenne Regional for the last three years. He’s super passionate about what he does, a total pleasure to be around, and a great example of someone who lives the TrueCare values on a daily basis.

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“By nature I’m analytical. An operations role makes sense for me, and in my official role as Pharmacy Operations Manager, I’m able to apply those skills to help improve our quality of care–timely, accurate delivery of medications–it’s a big deal, very important I think!

I also really enjoy the patient experience work I do. It allows me to step outside of the operations aspect of my main role, and allows me the opportunity to talk to patients and their families; to try to learn from them and further improve the care we provide for our patients. To be able to make an emotional connection with our patients and their families is very rewarding.

Here at Cheyenne Regional, we’re really bucking the trend. There aren’t many standalone, independent hospitals out there anymore. It’s unique and it’s great to be part of that. I like the idea of working closely with the community where I live. I have a ton of respect for the fellow leaders, administration and employees that I work with. And I’m a Wyoming guy–I love living and working here.”

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