Leonard: Mgr. Rad. Oncology

December 17, 2014—Meet Leonard. He’s the Manager of Radiation Oncology at our Cancer Center and he’s been with Cheyenne Regional for 14 years! 

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“We often see people after they’ve had probably the worst diagnosis you could imagine and they’re very vulnerable at that point. They really need compassionate people to take care of them and to assure them that they’re in good hands. I like being part of a team that can fill that role in their lives, and I truly like doing what I do.

At Cheyenne Regional, I get to work with people who are genuinely caring — they love their jobs and they do everything they can to give our patients the best care and treatment possible. As a team, we all have roles that deal with different aspects of the patient experience. There’s nothing more important than making sure all of the patients’ needs are met, and what makes it really unique here is that our staff and doctors consistently go above and beyond; they’re really wonderful. The team’s immediacy in helping patients and their concern for our patients’ care is remarkable. It’s an easy group of people to work with, and they do a great job!”

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