Leisann: Food & Nutrition

October 21, 2015—Please meet Leisann. She is our lovely Clinical Nutrition Manager, and she’s been with us for 19 years. She oversees room service as well as our dietician staff. Her friendly personality and passion for quality patient care and excellence is evident in all that she does here, and the teams she leads are just as wonderful!

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“In my role I get to do a variety of work, which I find to be very rewarding. Mostly, it’s all focused around our patients; making sure my staff are taking the best possible care of the patients. That’s really the reason I do what I do – I have a passion for nutrition and wellness and enjoy sharing that knowledge while taking care of the patients here in Wyoming. When I went away to school, my intention was to come back and use the knowledge I’d gained to take care of the community I was raised in. That’s one of the reasons I choose to work here, too.

I really enjoy coming to work each day, having the opportunity to work with the people that I do, and helping them to take the best care of our patients. Even though I don’t see patients directly all the time anymore, I can ensure that they’re getting the best nutrition through room service and also the best nutrition advice and care through the dietician staff that I manage.

I’ve been here for about 19 years. I think that really says it all. I wouldn’t have stayed here for 19 years if I didn’t really love the environment, the place I’m working in and my coworkers; I really just enjoy coming to work each day!”

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