Kody: Senior PC Tech

April 22, 2015—Today, meet Kody. He is a Senior PC Tech in the IT Department, and he’s been with Cheyenne Regional for almost a year and a half now. Kody is incredibly helpful, kind, a great communicator, and such a pleasure to work with. The nomination to feature Kody for #wdywhw came directly from our CEO, Margo! 

Kody_wdywhw photo template

“I’ve done IT work for 18 years. Technology is ever-changing and it’s great to work in a field that never gets dull and isn’t boring. I enjoy customer service and enjoy being able to help people; give them tips and tricks that help them to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

I really enjoy working with the people here, and with more than 2000 employees, it’s always someone different! My job isn’t mundane or cut-and-dry; it allows me a lot of creative and problem-solving freedom. I’m a people-person and I like helping everyone as much as I can. Before coming to Cheyenne Regional, I worked in healthcare IT in Colorado and really fell in love with this work. I’ve since moved back home and have had the opportunity to continue with it! The IT department here is awesome and we have a lot of fun. We hire people who have a good sense of humor and like to have a good time while working. It’s “equal-opportunity-teasing” around here. It’s really like one big family!”

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