Kim: Ambulatory Care

December 9, 2015—Today, for “Why Do You Work Here?” Wednesday, we had the pleasure of chatting with Kim. She’s one of the bright, shining lights here at Cheyenne Regional, and it’s pretty much impossible to be in her presence without feeling warmly welcomed and encouraged! We chatted with her about her job and about working here.

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“My new role as the Ambulatory Clinical Care Director, is a new role to the organization. It brings with it a different perspective of how I can be actively involved in the continuum of care for patients—whether it’s in the clinic setting before they come into our hospital, or going from the hospital back to their primary care provider or for follow-up at a specialty clinic. In my role, I play a part in determining what that process looks like for our patients and community members who are coming in and out of the healthcare system. One of my goals is to encourage people to do the best that they can do for the patient populations they’re caring for.

The part I love the most is interaction with people! I’m extremely extroverted and I really look to see the best in everybody. I think everyone has something to share with somebody else, and if I can positively impact people and the care they receive in even a small way—smiling at them or visiting with them—that’s why I’m here. I can truly say that healthcare is a calling for me. I didn’t come into this until after our son died. My reasons for coming into healthcare may be different—but this work is definitely a profound calling for me. I know I need to help other people and make these experiences positive ones for them.

I’ve been here at Cheyenne Regional for almost ten years. I think with any job, the people you work with probably make the most significant impact. I’ve had a number of roles—I’ve had the opportunity to grow from a staff nurse position up through leadership—and in all levels, it has been my peers and our patients that have kept me coming back every day. Knowing that I’m going to have the opportunity to somehow impact someone’s life each day is huge to me. It gets me up and excited about going in to see what the day will bring. I feel like I can work with anybody and get along with everybody.

I truly believe in what we’re doing here. We are doing good things for this community, so it’s easy to come to work and ask myself what my challenges are for that day and what we’re going to do educate the community and make a difference in peoples lives. I come in with that perspective every day. There’s someone here who calls me “Smiley” when he sees me in the halls. It makes me laugh. If that’s the perception that people have of me—“she’s positive no matter what’s going on”—that’s great!”

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