Kerrie: Patient Access

September 17, 2014—Meet Kerrie. She is a Patient Access Specialist here at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, and she works in the Patient Access/Admissions department. We asked Kerrie why she likes doing what she does. Her enthusiasm about her job is very inspiring! 

Kerrie_wdywhw photo template
“I really love my job! I’m the concierge, so to speak, and I get to give people lots of love every day! I have the opportunity to make our patients and their families more comfortable–to assure them that I’m here at their beck and call and can help them with whatever they need. My position in patient access allows me to be a jack of all trades. Not only do I get to provide the patients with a great experience, but I get to help my coworkers to have a good time at work, too. It’s all about the love!”

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