Julie: Medical Staff Specialist

December 16, 2015—Today, we had the pleasure of chatting with Julie. She’s incredibly passionate about her work, and brings an attitude of excellence to this place. We chatted with her about her role here, and what she enjoys about working at Cheyenne Regional.

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“I work in the medical staff office and I’ve been here for about 7 ½ years. In the past, I did the same type of work at Poudre Valley Hospital, as well. There was a big break in time between the two, but I’d been waiting for the opportunity to get back to working in a medical staff office because I enjoy this type of work so much.

What I love about my job is the variety of work I get to do and the people I get to work with. I not only get to work with administration, nursing and our doctors, but we also interact a lot with the people in the cafeteria, compliance, the communications department and many others. I also get to work with a lot of outside agencies—the board of medicine, the Wyoming state board of pharmacy, locum agencies, recruiters—so I get a lot of contact outside of the office too. It’s a very people-oriented position and I enjoy that variety.

This work can be very challenging, and I always like a challenge. I’m not the type of person to sit around and twiddle my thumbs, and I never do that in this job. There’s always something to do. There are some really busy times that get crazy and hectic, but we always get the job done because we have a great team. I truly have the greatest coworkers—we support each other and have learned to laugh, even when it gets stressful. Teena, Michelle and Steve are great to work with and we’re a great work family—we work really really well together. We’re all very focused on doing what we can to improve our community—both within the hospital and outside it as well.

Here at Cheyenne Regional, people are respected in their jobs, no matter what kind of job they have here. There’s an understanding that we all have to work together to provide the best care we can to our patients.”

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