Emily: ODL

November 12, 2014—Today, meet Emily. She works in the Organizational Development & Learning Department. She’s been with Cheyenne Regional for 8 years! She’s one of the very very kind people who so graciously orients all of our new employees to the organization upon joining the team. 

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“I genuinely think we have some amazing folks that work here. There are a lot of people who are very interested in nurturing and growing our community. I’ve never once dreaded coming to work here — I look forward to it every morning. I view it less as a job and more as an adventure! I get to do something different each day.

Originally, I was hired into a different position than the one I’m in now. Over the years, I’ve grown into where I’m at currently, and some of the leaders I’ve worked with have played an important role in helping me to determine what I most wanted to do, and where I’m best suited to be. Our leadership is very into growing and developing us as employees.

I get to connect with a huge number of people in my job. We’re like our own little city of 2000 people here at Cheyenne Regional. I get to visit all the different “neighborhoods” and work with a variety of people all over the organization. I love variety and autonomy and it’s really nice to have that in my role. I feel blessed to work in a place that has personally invested in me, given me meaningful work, and makes me feel valued constantly!”

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