Dee: Accounts Payable

December 31, 2014—Meet Dee. She works as an Accounts Payable & Payroll Tech in the Accounting Department. She’s been with Cheyenne Regional for 7 years this December! We chatted with Dee to find out more about why she likes doing what she does, and why she enjoys working here at Cheyenne Regional. (Her bubbly, cheerful and welcoming personality makes it obvious why she was nominated by a coworker to be featured!) 

Dee_wdywhw photo template

“I work in accounts payable (more specifically, payroll) and I got involved in this area fairly slowly after I started working here. Initially, I was a back-up on the payroll side of things, and it took off from there. I enjoy this work because it helps people–we’re getting them paid and that’s really rewarding. It’s nice that this team is really positive throughout the whole process, too!

I like working at Cheyenne Regional because we get to help people every day. This organization as a whole is very focused on helping and it’s the nature of the work we all do here. Even though my specific position isn’t patient-related or hands-on, it’s still directly connected in that I’m able to help get the people paid who do provide the clinical side of their care. I haven’t always been able to play such a connected role, but here at this organization, I feel like I’m really part of something meaningful!”

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