Darrin: HR Director

March 25, 2015—Meet Darrin. He is the HR Director, and has been with Cheyenne Regional for six and a half years. Anyone who knows Darrin, knows that he’s the kind of guy that you can’t pass in the hallway without a smile and a quick laugh. His attitude and excitement is contagious, and he brings a whole lot of enthusiasm to our organization. 

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“In general, the HR department has the opportunity to touch each of the 2000+ employees; whether it’s with benefits, tax documents, orientation, compensation, etc… It’s really like we have 2000 bosses because we work for everybody in this system. Sometimes it can be challenging to have that many bosses (*laughs*) but we love our jobs. We have such a dedicated staff here. I attended an event the other day that celebrated staff members who have been here for 35, 40 and 45 years — it was very motivational and fun to hear their stories! HR is a non-clinical department, but we play an important support role–we aim to attract and keep great employees, work with them consistently, and encourage them in their jobs. We’re really geared towards retention–we want to do what we can to keep the great people we have here, and to make this organization a performance-driven, and fun environment.

Our leadership team is rock-solid. I’ve never felt as comfortable with our TrueCare leadership team as I do with the one we have right now. It really feels good here. What Margo is working on with employee engagement and making this the best place to work, is important. We do need to make this the best place to work! We’re trying to make sure our benefits and compensation are highly-competitive, keep our focus on maintaining an encouraging culture, and make sure that people are feeling supported and having fun at work.”

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