Dani: RN on Oncology Unit

September 2, 2015—Today, meet Dani. She’s an RN on the Oncology floor. She’s been with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center for about 2 years. The person who nominated Dani expressed how great it is to work with her, and specifically noted her exceptional leadership ability and positive attitude.

Dani Beach_wdywhw photo template

“I like doing what I do because of the patients. Oncology patients have a deep respect for life; they want to live and are fighting for their lives. They’re just so sweet and special to my heart. I also really enjoy the teamwork we have on the eighth floor. It’s a big family and we support each other.

The family aspect of my floor is one of the reasons I enjoy working here. It’s one big supportive family. Even outside of the eighth floor, we form great relationships; we get to know the phlebotomists, the auxiliary staff, the rapid response team, and many others. Working here, you get the opportunity to learn how to work with your team really well.”

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