Dani & Barb: Cancer Center

October 7, 2015—Today for “Why Do You Work Here?” Wednesday, we have the honor of introducing you to two special ladies from our Cancer Center. Meet Dani and Barb. These two women are incredibly kind, compassionate, caring and so willing to go above and beyond to deliver great service to our patients, employees and the greater Cheyenne Regional community. Dani is an Oncology Nurse Navigator and Barb is the Oncology Program Manager / Navigator. Having had the opportunity to work closely with these two, it’s clear to see their commitment to our community! We asked them why they enjoy their jobs and working at Cheyenne Regional.

barb n dani wdywhw photo template

“I like my job because it is very satisfying helping cancer patients. The patients are going through a tremendously stressful and fearful time, so to help reduce these emotions even slightly is rewarding.

CRMC is a good place to work because of the opportunities for nurses. Out of school, I worked the oncology floor and then moved to the cancer center into a management position. I was able to complete my BSN with the financial assistance from the hospital and I also appreciate the benefits and investment opportunities.”

“I have been in oncology nursing for 22 years. After being an LPN for 15 years, with the support of my family, I went back to nursing school and received my Associate Degree in Nursing. Over the years, I had taken care of a wide range of patients and families. I was drawn to oncology because of the professionalism, compassion and spirituality I witnessed in the staff; caring daily, monthly, and sometimes year after year for those going through a cancer diagnosis.

After moving to Cheyenne 16 years ago, I felt an instant bonding with CRMC. From the manager, nursing staff, and other ancillary departments, it was like a family taking care of the patients, families, caregivers, as well as each other. I was able to grow professionally in my nursing field and receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am able to continue to grow in nursing and I have developed lifelong friendships here and in the community.”

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