Dallas: Groundskeeper

October 29, 2014—It’s Dallas! He works in the Grounds Department as a Groundskeeper. He’s been with Cheyenne Regional for more than 15 years. You’ve likely seen him around the CRMC west campus. His cheerfulness and sense of caring is enough to brighten anyone’s day! 

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“I like my job because I enjoy what I do and I try to let that show. I like helping to make CRMC a better, safer place for patients, visitors and employees; raking leaves, fixing up the grounds, picking up trash, whatever it is. I like putting smiles on peoples faces. If I can make one person happy and help them to have a better day, it makes me happy! It’s really nice to be part of a community here. It feels like a family. We all encourage and support each other — if I’m down, my co-workers cheer me up; if they’re down, I cheer them up! It’s a great environment to work in, to really feel like people care.”

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