Daisy: RN on Oncology Unit

January 7, 2015—Meet Daisy. She’s an RN on the Oncology unit, and she’s been with CRMC for 2 years. Her sense of humor and quick wit is enough to charm anyone!

Daisy_wdywhw photo template

“It’s my passion to make people laugh; my patients and co-workers will testify to that! You’re always golden to make fun of yourself and it’s really important to make your patients comfortable. Most patients find themselves in very uncomfortable situations–situations that most people wish they could skip. But if you learn how to make your patients like you, trust you and laugh, it makes the experience much better for them.

Being a nurse has changed and humbled me. I see sick and suffering people every day–especially on the Oncology floor–and it makes me thankful for every day I have. It’s helped me to more deeply realize my values. When people are ill and praying for more time, all they care to talk about is their family. No one ever talks about the money they made or the size of their house–family is the most important thing to them. I’m so grateful that my patients remind me of this perspective on a daily basis.

CRMC is a really good facility. I’m blessed to work here at this place. Nursing is hard no matter where you are, but I really love working here.”

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