Christina: Medical Assistant

January 20, 2016—Meet Christina. She’s a registered Medical Assistant at Cheyenne Plaza Primary Care. She loves what she does and brings that passion into all her interactions at the organization. We asked her about her job, and about working at Cheyenne Regional.

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“I’ve worked in healthcare for 17 years, and have been employed with Cheyenne Regional for 7 years now. As a Medical Assistant, I help patients, guide them in their experience, and give them recommendations from the doctors. There’s a wide spectrum of responsibilities that we have, and there’s a lot of variety in the day-to-day. We provide support for both the patients and the physicians.

I love what I do! I love healthcare, and I love our patients, providers, and coworkers. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I really love it here; I feel confident in what I do, and I really enjoy the interaction I get to have with people. Someday, I’d like to further my education, but with kiddos at home right now, this is where I’m at, this is what I want to do, and I love being here.”

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