Chere: Forensic RN Coord.

May 20, 2015—Meet Chere. She is the Forensic Nurse Coordinator here at Cheyenne Regional. She’s been with the hospital since 2002 with a couple of short breaks in between. She’s worked as an RN for years, and more specifically here at CR, she’s worked in the ED as a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) nurse and as part of the TACT (transition across the community team) team. Chere is a wonderfully warm, kind and compassionate person. She deeply cares about her patients, and she’s committed to this organization. We are pleased to feature Chere today!

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“I love this role, being the Forensic Nurse Coordinator, because I want to make sure that people in this community who have suffered from this type of trauma, get the help and attention, and are provided with the resources that they need. A big part of what I do is education. It’s important to educate people about how assaults and traumas can affect people emotionally and physically–and helping to teach people how we can prevent violence against one another and promote awareness in the community.

I really feel that as an organization, we’re truly providing great care and following our vision and mission. It’s all about making sure the community is healthy, and there’s also a focus on keeping our employees healthy. The atmosphere here is positive. There is an equal voice for employees across departments for us to share thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s all geared toward reaching our goal of providing consistently great care to the people in this community.

The nurses here are supported and really encouraged to practice in-depth nursing–to be able to connect with patients and help them to be (and become) healthy in a holistic way. Nursing here is more than a list of tasks that need to be checked off–it’s about connecting on a humanistic level with our patients, nurturing them, and meeting their needs. There is a really genuine sense of caring here.”

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